Quality management

we insist on good quality is our best marketing, so we have strict demands on every detail of the work, with strict work attitude, perfect service process communicated to the establishment and maintenance of customer's products and services.


1, quote: according to customer's section offers great staff and translation cycles;

2, agreements signed contracts and confidentiality agreements, customers pay a prepayment of 50%;

3, translated by translated according to file type selection of interpreters in the field, started translating;

4, check: translation after the interpreter post drafts, avoid spelling, typographical and grammatical errors to ensure the true expression of the meaning of the original;

5, b: double proofreading by the Audit Department of the company, proof-reading groups to language translation and professional technology double check. This process will eliminate spelling, typographical and grammatical errors, while ensuring that appropriate and consistent use of words;

6, three trials: final publication-level section of the foreign experts to ensure precise, graceful;

7, four rows: delivery of publishing group;

8, manuscript submitted: final draft delivered to customer, customer payment;

9, feedback: great translation project Director responsible for quality tracking and feedback.

10, improvement: propose amendments if the customer great translation time and seriously modified.

[quality assurance]:

to ensure that our translation quality is assured, and great control from the following aspects:

1) each manuscript are by experience rich of professional translation personnel served as, has related of professional background; company on full-time interpreter and global of thousands of name part-time interpreter for has classification group, according to its professional background, and at field into: car, and financial, and legal, and mechanical, and electronic, and chemical, and medicine, and biological, and textile, and trade, and agricultural, and traffic, and food, and cooking, and communications, and literature, and art, and heritage, and environmental, and geological, and appliances, and power, and metallurgical, and ship, and heat, and fire, and logistics, and building, and mineral, and political, and Economics, journalism, military and other industries. Targeted, so that translation work accurately and efficiently.  

     our professional translators within the system of personnel training, enhance translation quality and efficiency and standardization and development of translation norms to help translators, reviewers on self-quality control, also benefit customer collaborative supervision.   According to the interpreter level, nationality, age, gender, educational background, professional background, good, service, experience in the field, evaluations in the past to establish a pool of interpreters, translators according to customer quality and talent pool based on search criteria, recommend translators according to quality from high to low, a move that greatly increased the efficiency and quality of service of our company. Current pool size reaches tens of thousands, more than 1000 foreign experts, may at any time provide you with translate into their native language.

2) all personnel involved in production, area and have over 5 years of professional experience in the translation industry;

3) all translations must go through strict and double proof readers. From first draft to final draft, proofreading the final audit was adopted, every aspect of cooperation and coordination;

4) standardization of the translation process, from the beginning to the end of the project, a comprehensive quality control throughout the process.

translation standards  GB/T 19363.1-2003

translation service the translation quality requirements (GB/T19682-2005)

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