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Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

  simultaneous interpretation   

  simultaneous interpretation is interpretation of requirements at the highest level, the personnel requirements of the most stringent requirements for,  not only has a wealth of experience, translation spot

experience, ingenuity, but also has strong strength and perseverance.

      the years, great has been for large multinational meetings provided with interpretation services, meeting organisation, equipment management, personnel equipped with rich experience. Simultaneous interpretation equipment for Bosch (BOSCH) second generation with transmission equipment, simultaneous interpretation system is meeting the standards adopted by the United Nations simultaneous interpretation equipment, is the market's most advanced and reliable systems for the simultaneous translation.

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  2011 International Symposium on strategic development of pharmaceutical industry
   Nokia 2011 global supplier
  2010 Toyota annual celebration
  the fifth Forum on energy development in lead-zinc
  2011 clean energy summit
  industrial investment promotion Forum
  2010 China International Forum
  GM China dealer Conference
  Dalian international fashion week fashion Summit
  international service outsourcing conference

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