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Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

consecutive interpretation   

   interpreters who spoke the end of a sentence, a group, or even a whole article after the translation target language translations require translators has a wealth of knowledge and translation experience.

     Greg consecutive oral translation of the company has a wealth of experience and personnel advantages.

for many years, we undertake a wide range of conferences, business negotiations, press releases, technical exchanges, commodity fairs, performances and other types of oral translation  380  several times.

     We sent each of the interpreters are careful and rigorous selection process, many of them experienced the test of large meetings. 40% per cent of all the interpreters for the returned overseas, good language skills, idiomatic language, full control of the translation field and industry terminology, will live up to your expectations.

type: Conference consecutive interpretation, business negotiations.

applications: diplomatic meetings, business seminars, missions, small-scale consultations, banquet Chair, press conferences and small seminars.

recent cases:

Italy territory, the case of the environment and the Marine Department technical communications

India Ahmedabad case communication

United States Home pavement Technology Ltd business communication

Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory NLR and the translation of Chinese business partners throughout

Nineth doctor of business administration, University of Paris EDBA Expert System (EDBA-Executive Doctorate in Business Administration)

India auto parts and car Assembly company in China

Boston Consulting company and Pacific insurance company business meeting

Eliyahu M. Goldratt consulting (Goldratt) training session

Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory NLR, commercial aircraft Corporation of China business talks

Aston Martin car press conferences and media interviews


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