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Escort interpretation

Escort interpretation

  accompany the translation    

  you want to foreign investors or their customers to demonstrate good corporate image? Great assignment, accompanied by the translation services to meet your needs!

     , accompanied by escort, accompanied by translation into work and life. Meet customer demand for translation of daily life. Escorted travel or participate in some of the commercial activities of the non-domiciled, or etiquette, reception for some international activities. Escort, ceremonial officers need to be able to use English and another language (according to the customer's requirements) smooth communication, need some relevant cultural and historical knowledge, some etiquette.

      We sent each of the interpreters are careful and rigorous selection process, many of them experienced the test of large meetings. &Nbsp;40 % per cent of all the interpreters for the returned overseas, good language skills, idiomatic language, full control of the translation field and industry terminology, will live up to your expectations.

      great translation according to customer needs, providing these types of services to meet customer needs.

  type: work, life was accompanied by escort.

range of application: accompanied by personal, business exchanges, exhibitions, tours, parties, travel, etc.

recent cases:

officials to visit Hong Kong case   (accompanied)

Australia   Victoria visit (accompanied)

Netherlands Rotterdam Mayor to visit the urban best practice area (accompanied)


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