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Software localization

Software localization

software localization    

  "software localisation" refers to software products in accordance with the end user's habits, language and require translation and customization process. It including text translation, multibyte character support, a user interface redesign and adjustment, localized enhancements and adjustments, desktop publishing   (DTP), compiling, testing, and so on.  

       great one-stop service provides website localization, software products into the markets of other countries if you want to be, you need at a local technology and language with the assistance of expert groups will be fully localized product. Great staff and partners living in the country, experienced. They will make your product fully adapted to local markets, unimpeded.    

       translation          manual translation          translation of the tender     &Nbsp;     translation          translation   

       report translation          articles translation          translation     &Nbsp;     legal translation          translation    international marriage;

       returned data translations          resume translation          translation of letters    &Nbsp;      drawings translation          translation of books   

       aviation translation   

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