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there are many reasons why you choose to love translation of language translation services: translation, translation company in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen, English translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, simultaneous interpretation in Shenzhen in Shenzhen, Shenzhen small language translation.

Valid qualifications: company-specific chapters worldwide, various embassies, State administration of foreign exchange, Bank of China, the Immigration Office, notary offices, the judiciary, business, sports and other government agencies, recognized their effectiveness.

High efficiency: we had a daily processing capacity of tens of thousands of words for business experience, which means that we can provide efficient translation services according to your requirements.  

• high quality products: our world-class language experts, their professionalism and meticulous working attitude, strict ISO9001 quality management system and scientific services, ensures that your conversion of the source text in the target language to be of the highest quality.

Extensive experience: we have clients from different industries, automotive, pharmaceutical, IT communication, energy, legal, electronic, electrical and mechanical, financial and insurance, petrochemical, construction, advertising literature has a wealth of experience in the field, in the localization of software and websites also has many successful cases.

A reasonable price from the customer point of view, help customers save time, effort and cost. Through the optimization and integration of internal resources, on the premise of the quality assurance system, reducing operating costs, providing customers with cost-effective translation services, our low cost operating concept will be more use of your funds go to the actual translation work.

Good services: at the moment you lift your telephone, you will feel the love flowing in our company translation professionalism "professional, efficient and honest", and this is our commitment to our customers, "professional, efficient production, honest services."

Good reputation: as you will be in our Home and our customers see, we worked with some very well-known companies, has been recognized by them!

Love translation company is located in Shenzhen Futian CBD core area, is endorsed by Shenzhen Administration for industry and Commerce registered foreign professional in multilingual translation company, engaged in translation services for over 5 years now, the company has 16 full-time translation, translation review 4, 2 foreign experts, as well as huge foreign freelance talent. Five years for thousands of companies with tens of thousands of translation services in 28 languages, more than 370 times consecutive interpretation services and 128 simultaneous interpretation services. We offer a global language solutions, to become a professional customer, most significantly reduce clients ' money and time costs, enhance customer competitiveness in localization and internationalization process, helping customers better value.

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